Your King has one more move…

“Checkmate”, painted by Friedrich Moritz August Retzsch

According to legend, the story goes like this:

A chess master came upon this painting in the Louvre museum. He stared a long time at the chess board in the painting and noticed something surprising. The typical interpretation of the painting (that the devil had the man in “checkmate”) was incorrect. Though the devil seemed to be the winner, he was in fact not. The man, who thought he was losing, was actually winning. According to the arrangement of the pieces, his king had one more move. This move would make him the winner of the game. His king had one more move…

The symbolic of this painting and of the legend is strong: when we believe, and paint out our situation, in which “the devil” would win against us: pain, suffering, evil, killing the life inside us… our “inner King” would have one more move, to win against the devil.

What is it, who is, our “Inner King” ? The one that can make us win against the worst adversity ? They are very far away, of “energies” hanging around us for the moment:

  • Dependance of what you will buy — for your “good” (business for your “good”), lack of basic discernment on what is good for us;
  • Dependance on the belief patterns of the majority (flock mentality), ambient “noise”;
  • Dependance on exterior elements or people for our “happiness”;
  • Fear of everything, and no time to mourn collapsing structures, leading to mental and emotional disorders.

The concept of the “Inner King” in the legend of the painting “Checkmate” can be interpreted in various ways, depending on one’s perspective or beliefs. Here are a few possible interpretations:

  1. Resilience and Determination: The “Inner King” could represent the inherent resilience and determination within each person to overcome challenges and adversities. It signifies the inner strength and courage that we possess to face difficult situations and find a way to prevail, even when the odds may seem stacked against us.
  2. Creativity and Resourcefulness: The “Inner King” could also symbolize our ability to think creatively and be resourceful in finding solutions to problems. It represents the power of our mind and our capacity to come up with innovative ideas or approaches to overcome obstacles and achieve victory, even in seemingly hopeless situations. Engagement in action.
  3. Faith: The “Inner King” could embody our sense of hope and faith in the face of adversity. It represents the belief that there is always a possibility of a positive outcome, even when things seem bleak. It signifies the unwavering faith in ourselves and our abilities to turn the tide and emerge victorious.
  4. Inner Wisdom and Intuition: The “Inner King” could also represent our inner wisdom and intuition, which guide us towards making the right decisions and taking the right actions in challenging situations. It signifies the ability to tap into our inner guidance and make choices that align with our higher self, leading us towards a favorable outcome.

Overall, the concept of the “Inner King” in the legend of the painting “Checkmate” symbolizes the inner strength, resilience, creativity, hope, faith, wisdom, and intuition that we possess within ourselves to overcome adversity and achieve victory, even when it may seem unlikely. It reflects the power that lies within us to rise above challenging circumstances and emerge triumphant.

So even if situations look like “checkmates”, activate your inner king, and join us in building the next world. Also, don’t forget you are not alone in this game… look, there is an angel checking out… and waking on you.

Michel A. de Kemmeter



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