Why we haven’t started massive regenerative transition yet


Despite the existence of hundreds of solutions (*), we are still lagging behind in initiating a widespread regenerative transition. Multiple factors contribute to this delay. However, there is hope. Let’s explore each of these points and discover the antidotes proposed by Kairos Multisolutions:

  1. Alignment with Mainstream Businesses: there where transition would be percieved as “go against business agendas”, Kairos Multisolutions works closely with some businesses ran by “wise leaders”, and has successfully excited them about integrating regeneration into their business models. They realize that regeneration offers purpose, performance, and a positive reputation attracting the best young people and stakeholders.
  2. Overcoming overall Pessimism (flatlining our brains), and Encouraging Action: Kairos Multisolutions excites and engages individuals, demonstrating the practicality of regenerative solutions. By ticking short-term boxes for everyone and providing positive job opportunities, they foster a global community that actively builds pockets of paradise.
  3. Tackling laming Complexity of colossal historical challenges, with Systemic Thinking: Systemic thinking and methods simplify the hyper-complexity of global challenges, enabling us to address them effectively and financially efficiently. This approach empowers us to take action and share our knowledge. It also need a basic knowledge on paradigms shifts and principles of mutation, regeneration and systemics. We offer those insights. Simply.
  4. Shifting Focus from Negative News: Rather than consuming mainstream media and being bombarded with negative news, Kairos Multisolutions encourages a conscious search for solutions and positive stories. They also provide smart solutions for local challenges, recognizing that global issues will be adressed by beautiful people everywhere, collectiveky creating a global movement to deal with all of them.
  5. Embracing Mindfulness and Slowing Down, facing chaos, noise, speed: Kairos Multisolutions advocates for slowing down, being mindful, and extending our perception of time. By finding purpose, empathy, and joy in every moment, we become smarter with resources, and consume smarter. This helps us avoid getting caught up in negative emotions caused by bad news, shocks, and bad energies in our surroundings.
  6. Reviving Individual Talents and Magic: Every day, Kairos Multisolutions works towards reviving and nurturing individual talents and magic that have been killed by traditional education systems. Creativity, personal opinion, openly challenging status quo (without fear). They also prioritize cultivating the talents and skills of children and communities, empowering them to contribute to regenerative transition.
  7. Reducing Consumption of Detrimental Products: we encourage the reduction of consumption of products such as tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and chemical medications that limit our potential. By embracing a joyful and celebratory approach, we can respect and appreciate every moment while living healthier lives.
  8. Cultivating Personal Sovereignty: To overcome dependence on bosses or politics, we emphasize the cultivation of personal sovereignty and individual power. By fostering independence and self-reliance, individuals are empowered to take charge of their own regenerative journey, instead of waiting for anybody else doing the job for us. They will not. For sure. Stop dreaming.
  9. Engaging in Profitable, credible Regeneration: Finally, Kairos Multisolutions is committed to engaging in large-scale regeneration with a credible global, exponential plan. Grassroot and bottom-up. That benefits everyone. Short term performant results inspire confidence for all. They invite individuals to join them in creating their own “Regeneration Islands” and inspire four times their impact every semester, X4. Its maths. Do the exercise on an exel sheet. X4 every six months. We can change the world in 5 years — if we work together ! Like wikipedia:

Kairos Multisolutions is a collaborative dynamics to emposer people, regenerate biotopes and smart jobs. 8 billion people doing a little, with little resources, but lots of heart, creativity, joy, and smart collaboration serving common good, will have massive impact against a few people with millions and guns.

The time for massive regenerative transition is now. By addressing the obstacles that have hindered our progress, embracing the proposed antidotes, and joining the movement led by Kairos Multisolutions, we can collectively create a profitable and sustainable future.

To learn more about these solutions, visit the following link: [https://club-of-brussels.odoo.com/knowledge]

Michel A. de Kemmeter




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