Why global mass manipulators fail


When dinosaurs die, rats are dancing…

Brave New World, 1984, social control, mass manipulation, wokism, populism, mass corruption in a cracking system, … we — with the naked eye — can see the strings hanging behind wicked agenda’s of big corp, politics and institutions, who are there to protect their own job, more than contributing to common progress: this is the pure “rent-seeking” behavior which leads to destruction and social revolt, as in the worst cases of under-development.

Do not believe one single second the people in charge are collectively there to find smart, low cost, fast, efficient solutions to the mess our “system” has produced. They are not. In the best cases they are terrified, but are only able to monitor short-term constraints without any systemic and global vision. And here is why...

The “families”, powerful top-managers or leaders who are “in charge” today, are like children in a sandbox realizing they are “losing the game”. What is their reflex ? Gather their toys a-s-a-p, and destroy those of others. This behaviour is very clearly visible everywhere. Also, they will try everything to keep the citizens obedient, at home, occupied with games, control them, whilst pushing them to buy stuff produced by their industries, and information cooked by their own media.

Who is inside that top pyramid, for real ?

The richest families. They own industry, stocks, bonds, banks, and lots of real estate, but also, they have weight upon politics (governors, ministers and presidents), central bankers, academics and media — they own the conversations, the thinkers, the public narratives. They decide on who is going to be minister or president. They are running the “clubs”. But strangely, whereas in the past, the brightest minds came out of those clubs (ex. Freemasons in the past) and dealt with events … today, where are they ? Silence. Nowhere. But we still think they are in charge, somewhere in Davos, New York or Dubai… Nope. It is not true. Even Klaus Schwab, considered by themselves as an event manager (read: puppet), is being mocked with his book “The Great Reset” — it was already largely has-been when it was published in 2020 (Just to calm down those who still believe they are up to conspiring against us).

Shit floats

Corruption behaviors start to float much more, and more quickly. (ex. Qatargate. Check how fast they all were back in office… follow the power of money). Everything starts to be visible, whereas it stayed under the radar for centuries. Not credible. Bad results. They have to lie and manipulate to stay in office.

Our rulers are lost

The West and its traditional thinkers are losing influence and creativity, they don’t generate answers to the urgent and necessary changes, they don’t bet on change-agents or dynamic processes. They have been completely incapable to solve one single problem since three decennia, even spending hundreds of thousands of billions in wars, wasted investments. Except worsening the situation. They have tolerated massive sovereign bribery, crooked politics, carried by lies, egos and misdemaen’our.

Their “thinkers” (mostly economists), are somewhere in between “Everything’s gonna be alright”, “We have no time to think, we are trying to manage emergencies”, and “I’m sorry I was wrong”. But no serious answers, solutions, plans or methods to save economic and environmental systems, NOPE, zilch, except printing massively more cash every day and play around with interest rates and financial structured products or fiscality. Great. Too busy discussing about elections, our rulers have not been able to organize renovation of infrastructure and public real estate. They couldn’t organize and sustain a credible health system, re-thing the education system towards training agile change agents. More focusing on personal short term interests, “they” could not funnel their investments in smart and low-cost, low-tech, reliable ways to create sustainable habitat and agriculture for all. Too busy trying to launch debates on non-issues and hollow woke discussions as scapegoats to their massive incompetence, “they” are not anymore credible for mobilizing citizens massively to build together a thriving biodiverse world of abundance.

Even if… all the answers exist…

Why are our rulers lost ?

  • They are getting older and “has-been”, bursting with ego and pride, looking to short-term escapes for themselves;
  • Their children are dumb, brainwashed, or dissident. The “good ones” do not want to be part of the problem created by their fathers. The dumb and obedient ones play by the rules of “their falmiy”, terrified to lose their privileges, but often are in suffering;
  • They are incapable to solve any of the hypercomplex challenges we are facing— most of them don’t even start to understand the extent of it all, because they consider this is not their responsibility;
  • The old recipes do not work so well any more: bribery/corruption, fear, manipulation, lies, cheating;
  • They have been too comfortable for too long, and thus are big, spoiled, lazy and fat, and incapable to deal with whatsoever adversity (like Louis XVI and his court) or to be able to meet the multiple-challenges confronting our societies. They can be poushed over with a single finger (but nobody dares to push…);
  • They still hope that their “friends” in central banks will “deal” with the upcoming mess. They will not. The best they can do is win a few months or maybe years;
  • They expect the people to continue to lack awareness, hypnotized by their own media, bread and games — stay in wonderland.

Why are they terrified ?

  • They know their system is collapsing, and they are exposed to lose their privileges;
  • There are no tickets left for the bunkers;
  • The hungry population knows where they live and hang around (houses, private schools, golf courses, holiday houses,…), their addresses are known. They are already watching, and wait to start knocking at their front door;
  • They are living in another reality, ignoring the unfair income distribution, and cannot connect to people’s hearts, give purpose and serving common good, too afraid to lose their dollars. They do not have any true power any more;
  • The race to technology and transhumanism — and control of the masses — is already lost (recession, lack of resources, skills and massive buy-in);
  • Patriarchy is collapsing everywhere (even inside maffia’s), the “old guard” is losing control. The masses are taking over and populism will use them as scapegoat.
  • Their “employees”: bankers, managers, public servants, judges, politics,… are terrified because they realize their “bosses” are losing control, incompetent facing tsunamis of shocks, and the pyramid in which they are stick is cracking everywhere. DOUBT andPANIC has entered the room.

Control the masses ? NOPE: they have underestimated a few elements …

  • The power of internet

When “their mass control plans” were plotted, internet didn’t exist yet. It was a mass profit vehicle, but well, now it is used to inform massively the masses. The citizens who can discern, know where to look for truth, in between the chaotic noise of disinfoirmation and mass manipulation with non-issues.

  • The weight of their own incoherence

Incoherent behaviour is being paid cash. How long do rip-off, lying, cheating, stealing, short term selfish behaviour last ? Alliances blow up, trust explodes, deals are undone, crooked cheating people end up ill, alone, and broke, offering all the sticks to populists for being pulverized.

  • The speed of multiplication of inspiring regenerative projects

Good, smart, humble, low cost low tech and valuable projects, are being created every day, under the radar — carried by beautiful humble people. They largely outperform projects based on social control, grants, ego, short term selfish agendas. The day the first are going to be more visible, they are going to attract the best people — and leave the dependant frightened in their wicked near-dead projects.

  • The vulnerability of technology (hacks, energy cuts, lack of HR)

We grew up in the collective fantasm of hi-tech-for-all. I am still waiting to see the first “smart city”… Tech was fun for a few decennia, but today is risky, resources-thirsty, expensive, unreliable, unsecurable, unmaintainable. Massive lack of people to finalize, securize, maintain and repair them.

  • The lack of young bright HR to unroll either wicked agendas

Who, as a young bright talent, wants to participate in managing agendas of crooks, manipulators, thieves, bandits and liars ? Except fools or freaks ? The war for talent is on too, in that key-segment for them. They have to poay more and more to attract skilled people.

  • Their own grandchildren : enfants terribles, infiltrated,…

The descendants of those powerful people are not all sheeps. They also talk, see, share and sometimes have hearts. Of course, they are drilled and conditioned, most of them comply. But… not all of them. These are the “ultimate” infiltrated.

  • Fast rizing of consciousness

Personal and spiritual development, ethics, coherence, values, alignment, ancient wisdoms revisited, start to give birth to a new kind of civilization. Totally under the radar. Strong new coalitions who now start to get organized into new social and economic circles, serving true progress and abundance for all.

  • The power of decentralized dynamics (blockchain, grassroot projects)

You cannot counter an idea or project that is carried by well-organized citizens — as a power. They just are too many to deal with. And their smart tech and strong vision cannot be stopped. As the ship sinks, it is impossible to be everywhere at the same time.

  • The vulnerability of a cracking system

The ultimate reason: a system that does not function in a performant way disappears, dies, whether they like it or not. Rigidity, deaf to new philosophies and innovations, pressure from millions of youth, the cost of millions of emotionally disabled, the destruction by looters, plunderers and scavenger corporations… is undermining the foundations of the system itself. The people manning it are stressed and divided. No good for them.

The Result : Our “leaders” roam from neurosis to psychosis. They become pathologically mad, are medicated with antidepressants and multiple drugs — these people will pop, one after the other: illnesses, desperation, hyperstress, cancers, suicides, heart diseases,… but risk to abandon power to worse people using their failure for taking over in opportunistic autocratic regime — even more incompetent. We will see both… up to each of us to choose…

It has been seen before in history… who will sell his/her soul to whom ?

The resilient, the people who truly care, and are available need to organize themselves in order to provide effective alternatives for building the new.

Bullshit is on its way out.

True pragmatism is in: what do we eat, where do we live, which truth shall we nurture? Time to get organized !

“Those who are complicit in cultivating fear rather than love are guilty of crimes against humanity”

Michel A. de Kemmeter




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