Why a systemic “Multisolution” is better than old-school business


Social business, circular economy, recycling, most of those are not economically viable. Shifting from an “old school” extractive business, by just changing one parameter (ex. bio instead of chemical food), is a non starter. Without new wordview and multiple business intelligence, this nice ideas will disappear after the last grant.

Why ?

A linear model is built for extraction of value. Buy cheap — sell expensive — accumulate the profit. It turn a blind eye on stakeholders and possible negative externalities. Environmental and social. Trying to make such a model “sustainable” is a lost-in-advance battle. It should “carry” the compensation of those negative externalities, and that is way too heavy. Also, owning all resources (knowledge, machinery, buildings, payroll,…) is way to risky, in a changing world.

Shift from extrative 2D, to regenerative 3D business models

The only sensible way is to open up to resources, like in nature, in 3D. There are lots of underused resources around us: intelligence and knwoledge (it is not always where we think), half-empty buidings, half-empty trucks or cars, communities and networks who would be able to carry and scale up your project/business, sleeping money,… etc.

You will be able to access those resources if you can offer to the owners of them, what they need (again, like in nature, the waste of the one is the resource of the other). On any level. And the whole ecosystem is carried by a mobilizing vision to common progress.

Well yes, we have to shift from individual short term interest, into a collective desire for common progress. These economic “game” theories have been scientifically validated decades ago. It is now time to experiment them.

Business results & effects on £$€ bottom lines :

Have access to more resources at lower or zero cost + create multiple added value + progressive multiple cash-flow models + attract the best talent & sympathy from all stakeholders because contributing => MUCH more economic performance.

An open source wiki of business models

The Kairos Multisolutions open source wiki of business models is there (we should stop trying to reinvent the wheel) and they will be improved every month by the members of the community, at large, testing and adapting them on their own Regeneration Island.

Grassroot, bottom up pragmatic intelligence, validated on the field, is MUCH more credible than reports from BIG4, McKinsey or so-called development experts, or consultants who never did anything with their own hands before.

Lets invite them on the field, and show how performant motivated teams can be…

Prof Michel A. de Kemmeter, founder





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