Western economics and politics are bankrupt and degenerated as disciplins


(Otto Dix, so-called “degenerated art” in germany in the 30'ies)

“Progress” in western terms, is now synonym of deregeneration.

The western model has succeeded, in half a century, to :

  • Destroy the people : >50% of the total population is in hyper anxiety, stress, burnout, chronic disease.
  • Destroy nature : >80% of the living has disappeared
  • Destroy its economy : sovereign states are bankrupt, demography is vastly aging and incapable of sustaining social system, industry re-onshoring is just a wet dream, dependance from other countries and continents is irreversible (energy, resources, workforce) — deflation and recession is on the agenda for the next 3 decades going with massive social unrest. Currencies are totally incapable of coping with historical convergence of challenges.
  • Destroy its political sovereignty: politics boil down to simplistic narratives, short term reactive behavior, making all of us dependant from players with very questionable agendas. Wars being the ultimate answers of ego-based confession of failure. Unfortunately, no-one credible is emerging from that degenerated magma, the beautiful youth being killed by a near-dead, old, has-been bankrupt generation, still bursting with hubris.

Not an example. These are bad results. Especially with the “expertise” present there, intelligent forsite, and silent knowledge in massive academics and expensive think tanks everywhere. Strange and weird that so-called “under-developed” countries still want to mimic the model… Listen carefully to the narrative of “traditional economists” and “politics”. Do you still believe in their expertise ? In their capacity to even start grabbing what is going on around them ? Really ? And look how they are prepared in universities and business schools: models THAT CREATED THE PROBLEM, by people WHO NEVER RAN A BUSINESS IN THEIR LIVES. And you believe them ? Give your future away to them ? No, seriously… become a little bit pragmatic. Stop dreaming. Get real.

But why does everyone still believe in Santa Claus (read: “…everything’s gonna be alright”) ?

Simple. They all still make too much money. Fake, printed systemic paper money. Debt-based. And everybody locks themselves up in their Titanic cabin, hiding in their beds. The impoverished middle class being terrified to become poor, and thus working harder every day, shutting the f.ck up.

So where could we find answers ? Easy: in ancient wisdoms, everywhere. In prophecies, everywhere. They all converge : Values, consciousness, connectedness. But ok, it’s not for everybody. Not for naive, blind, deaf, conditioned, dependent, brainwashed people (= +/- 97% of the population). Even if over half of the population “longs for” a better life, they still play role as victims of “the system”, giving their power away — once more — to some invisible government who does not care about them anyway. A precious waste of time and and absolute dead end. It is only for the people who consciously chose for personal thriving, by reconnecting with purpose, with personal potential, with earth abundance energy, with servant leadership for common good. Sorry for the others. Maybe in a next life. For them, death is the next stage. Look, lots of us are already walking dead.

Our answer: built the next economy, the next world and civilization, near the old one. A brand new one, based on strong values. With our own economic system (regenerative and systemic) and currency (ex. Kairos Multisolutions). In “Regeneration Islands”, protected pockets in which we will be able to thrive together and experiment humbly, pragmatically, the next chapters of civilisation. Fast, fun, job-creating, engaging, abundance-based, biomimetic-inspired, autonomous and sovereign. Giving birth to it whilst going courageously through present and future contractions together.

In the mean time, value of bank stocks go down, and the price of bitcoin and gold go up… follow the money.

Join us. More information in PM.

Prof. Michel A. de Kemmeter, founder of



ps: We are not just talking. We are getting ready since 2001, have a philosophy (human-value-centric), a model (systemic regeneration economy), a method (Extrapreneurs), a strategy (create and empower Regeneration Islands, multiply by 4 every semester), a sharing platform (Kairos Multisolutions, the wiki of regenerative business models, profitable, fast and fun), and a currency (Kairos token).



Michel A. de Kemmeter - Kairos -Extrapreneurs CofB

Expert in economic transition, keynote speaker, author, consultant and investor. Professor. Inventor of “Systemic Economy” and "Kairos Multisolutions" crypto.