Waking up a lobotomized, shocked, anxious and confused population… is it still possible?


The world is changing. Oh yes, is it?


The West has gone into “survival-zombie mode”.

Many people realise this fact (nda. estimate 30%), but are in a state of enormous confusion, tired, often on the verge of psychosis (according to several studies >50%).

Whereas we need to reinvent everything urgently, (re-)launch, rethink, undertake, move the lines. Now more than ever.

But how do you “wake up”, activate, move, mobilise a population in this zombie-state?

I have found beginnings of an answer in Africa, in the way of activating tree seeds. Many seeds are not fertile “normally”. They have to be treated in one of these 3 ways:

  1. Heated by fire
  2. Soaked in water
  3. Injuring, cutting into the seed coat

And/or a combination of several options.

Translated into “human”, this could mean:

  1. “Initiation” by fire
  2. “Initiation” by the element water
  3. A wound or shock

It is always a personal, unique, inner work. Each time different, and even accompanied, it remains an individual work.

Translated into everyday terms:

  1. Personal and spiritual development, consciousness, burnout, a fire in one’s house,… in short everything that “burns” the received ideas, belief patterns, the past, and leaving room for the totally new. This is the archetype of the Phoenix.
  2. Work in the material world, crafts, work with the earth, floods, … in short, that which connects to “Mother Earth”, which makes one very humble and connected. Archetype of the caterpillar-cocoon/chrysalis-butterfly.
  3. A shock, such as: separation, accident, serious illness, trauma, violent resignation or dismissal, “hard” testimony.

The “awakening” rarely happens spontaneously — but usually under duress. We are going to be served with lots of shocking questions and there will be something for every taste and colour in the next decades — for sure.

So: “Is it possible to wake up a lobotomised, shocked, anxious and confused population? In my opinion, for 99% no, it is too late. The “collective brain” is too damaged…

But it only takes 1% to change the world…

And then, real creative co-constructive work can start…


Prof. Michel A. de Kemmeter

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