Waking up a lobotomized, shocked, anxious and confused population… is it still possible?

  1. Heated by fire
  2. Soaked in water
  3. Injuring, cutting into the seed coat
  1. “Initiation” by fire
  2. “Initiation” by the element water
  3. A wound or shock
  1. Personal and spiritual development, consciousness, burnout, a fire in one’s house,… in short everything that “burns” the received ideas, belief patterns, the past, and leaving room for the totally new. This is the archetype of the Phoenix.
  2. Work in the material world, crafts, work with the earth, floods, … in short, that which connects to “Mother Earth”, which makes one very humble and connected. Archetype of the caterpillar-cocoon/chrysalis-butterfly.
  3. A shock, such as: separation, accident, serious illness, trauma, violent resignation or dismissal, “hard” testimony.



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Michel A. de Kemmeter

Michel A. de Kemmeter

Expert in economic transition, keynote speaker, author, consultant and investor. Professor @VUB Vesalius College. Inventor of the “Systemic Economy” model.