Time for Family Offices to invest in Super-Incubators with Super-ChangeMakers

When I was invited to Davos, to the « Family Office » panel, to work on how to invest strategically, I went for a walk into the countryside near Maputo. I walked into the mangroves, and I stopped, shocked, with a deep understanding on what those could teach us on regeneration…

Why do some entrepreneurs perform very successfully, and why some work hard their whole lives, without any success ?

Why do institutionals fail at change, and why do humble people, in their communities, have massive local success ?

Our plan with Extrapreneurs 12th edition, and Club of Brussels, is to change the world by 2029. We have been preparing for the last 22 years, with only one thing in mind :
« We will not do anything af value, without putting human empowerment, happiness and people’s fulfilment @ the center of economic value creation »

Everybody laughed, for 2 decades… « Money talks, bullshit walks… » they said, and smiled cynically.
But now, nobody laughs any more! Empowering people is the key of survival of humanity, not money. And guess what, that is what the next generations DO want — as a CONDITION for engagement.

How much do you think the U.N. spent with the SDG’s ? How much was invested in the « Green Deal » ? How much was the European post-covid marshall plan ? How much is the so-called emerging counbtries’ “cooperation budgets” ? Adding this to the NGO’s budgets…. Over 3000 billion, with bad results ever. Wasted money. Ah, no, it made lots of consultants VERY RICH.

On the other hand, the results engaged by people with heart, genuinly concerned by common good, are mind blasting.

Our Extrapreneurs at Jalhay super-incubator

Institutionals fail mainly for two reasons:

  • because they are disconnected from the reality of the field, and from the people who do the job — for real.
  • because they have only one thing in mind : make money, and keep their jobs.

That keeps everybody FAR away from true solutions, which are low cost and create fast value for the « normal people ».

Good entrepreneurs and performant changemakers succeed because they have in mind the result they want to achieve for the surrounding people, and not the money they are going to make.

So, what is an incubator ?
A place in which entrepreneurs work on their projects, and get training and coaching. The “death %” is high : +/- 95% after 2 years… very bad ROI.

How could it perform better, as a super-incubator ?
Work together, openly, on local and global scale, on fast-fun and performant solutions, low cost - high results, based on best-in-class who are willing to share their successes. Together : intergenerational, intercultural, international, intercontinental, multiple industries, mixing public-private-companies-media-academics-scientifics, citizens,…
One thing in mind : change the world in 5 years. It is perfectly possible, when you look at the speed of deployment of a virus or fungi. Lets inspire from them: multiply exponentially.

The superincubators work like a real MANGROVE: anchoring in the soil, bringing all necessary resources to the finest and most modest microorganisms — leading to new life, boosting fishery and economy.

But then, what is a changemaker ?
Person who solves a problem larger than his own.
And what is a superchangemaker ?
It is a change maker who creates massive change, on multiple angles.

That’s why we created the www.KairosMultiSolutions.org platform:
Bringing together those people and low tech low cost, performant job-creating solutions, into super-incubators.

How to make it work:
bring together small and medium companies, sponsored by family offices, protected by public players, training willing people on new regenerative business models, and scaling up businesses which solve multiple problems, based on adapting and improving existing working solutions.
Share openly the results and recipes
Each one can reap the benefits from this bubbling entrepreneurial energy, depending on excellences and expertises, capacities and skills.


The first sponsors will be the first served.
The hardest workers and most excelling will be on the front row of history.

And, guess what : THERE IS A PLACE FOR EVERYBODY — THE JOB IS GARGANTUOUS, so yes, SHARE OPENLY and progress on your personal journey without fear.

It is now time for Family Offices to open up their treasure box, around 0,1% and 1%) to enable them to cross excellences and to start new entrepreneurial dynamics to get prepared for tomorrow — play a first « protagonist » role in the next years’ superchange, nextgen business cogeneration.

Systemic regenerative solutions exist already to all systemic challenges.
We have seen them.
They work.
They create long term jobs.
They create a future for our grandchildren.
But, it is only for willing and humble people.

Get ready.

Prof. Michel A. de Kemmeter

Extrapreneurs and Club of Brussels founder



Michel A. de Kemmeter - Kairos -Extrapreneurs CofB

Expert in economic transition, keynote speaker, author, consultant and investor. Professor. Inventor of “Systemic Economy” and "Kairos Multisolutions" crypto.