Regenerative Systemic Transition is fun, and profitable

We all knew, since 1972, Club of Rome “Limits to Growth” report, that one day we’ll have to pay for our “sins”. That a cataclysmic tipping point would be reached.

That’s it. We are here. We’re fucked.

No, but Oh :”Can we pleeeeaaase pull a few more years ?” … Ok, our future generations, they are definetely fucked.

After big speeches, movies, promises, 26 COP’s, billions of UN SDG marketing, the money is gone, and still, “science” is not able to offer all-in solution packs.

They are in a dead-end. All of them. All sciences.

Except one.


Systemic sciences are connecting all dots: Omnology.

Since over a century, they are not understood. Because too complex. Systemists lose everyone in a conversation in less than 3 minutes. And above all, they make us feel like shit because it looks easy for them, and hypercomplex for us.

The challenges ahead are hypercomplex. Totally impossible to deal with them one by one. No time, not enough money, no competences, no governance structures for it.

One Club did some home-work, totally under the radar, for 20 years: Club of Brussels.

A philosophy: regenerating people first, nature, and economy.

A model: Systemic Economy.

A 100+ global mastermind, a 2 months methodology tested over 14 times, over 50 projects coached, 5 territories, and… a 350 fully copy-pastable validated profitable business models. 400+ global alumni.

And since April: a Cryprocurrency on the Binance Blockchain - the ultimate tool to open up a totally new economic space, where intangible growth can be unlimited, exponential growth curves for projects, people will thrive in happyness and abundance.

For the first time, instead of being anxious and in an expensive exercise of transition, we made transition fun and profitable.

The “Kairos”, in appearance being a cryptocurrency, for real it is a totally new economic space. For many years, transition was a hassle, an expensive nice-to-have-because-of-the-children-but-in-fact-nobody-cares.

Plan “K” :-)

The KAIROS, with its Systemic Regenerative Solutions Platform.

Ecosystem & marketplace dedicated to virtuous collaborations, based of the fundamentals of Systemic Economy.

1. Solutions Bank: access to packs of multisolutions, for companies, changemakers, administrations, territories, cities and governments;

2. An intelligence center: advisory, expertise, global conference board, think tank, business intelligence center;

3. A launch-pad for systemic projects: a fund-raising platform for systemic regenerative projects.

The very first economic space dedicated to systemic regenerative transition.

It is a strong political message: the real new economy will be parallel. Not mainstream. It just doesnt work. The “system” does not want change. Lets face it. Period. Enough waste of time. It is also a very expected “showcase”, for- and carried by humble hard-working changemakers who worked their ass.s off for years with no recognition, surrounded by cynics (in the worst case) and jealousy (in the best case). It is also ideal for a progressive decentralized organization — open sourced, DAO. And above all, walking away from avid old-school dusty investors, to a fast-moving community of young forward-looking investors.

More in the next webinar.

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Michel A. de Kemmeter - Kairos -Extrapreneurs CofB

Expert in economic transition, keynote speaker, author, consultant and investor. Professor @VUB. Inventor of “Systemic Economy” and "Kairos Multisolutions".