Kairos Multisolutions creates captive market with “Regeneration Islands”

A “standard” crypto project is a fundraising with a plan.

“Kairos Multisolutions” is a little different. It consolidates existing dynamics started on scale in 2017, and leverage with its strategy of multiplication of “Regeneration Islands” (= pieces of land where we build the “New Earth”, without waiting for global collapse). End 2022 they had a dozen, in 7 countries on 3 continents. By spring, it should have reached 40 to 50, and by summer, around 120. The business model and coaching method has been adapted to become fully scalable.

Why is it “the right time” ?

Lots of people are “fed up” with their lives. Those who have a little bit of money are getting organized to buy land, in a friendly country, and to create their own piece of paradise. Spain, Portugal, Morocco, South Africa, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Argentina,… But, they all have the same set of questions and problems: what to build, where, with whom, what to plant, with whom to harvest, which jobs to create, how to finance all this. Well yes, they become real estate developers and managers… and it takes multiple skills to succeed that, if they do not want their paradise to turn into a nightmare.

For people who are fed up with their lives, but without money, they can contribute to smart projects in those Regeneration Islands. They wil need loooots of entrepreneurs ! But they all should be on a personal journey — to avoid the traps of the ego. For the pitfalls (sabotaging the projects) and values (making the projects thrive) — check our article here.

How to succeed a Regeneration Island ?

First, get the leadership of the project and its land. Get enough money together — at least to start. (I have seen many people largely underestimating first costs). Get a team together (yes, people management… with lots of neurotics and ego, well). Make your incremental plan…

Do not stay alone…

“Regeneration Islands” with self-empowered people are the seeds to tomorrow’s world. Not only as a sustainability nice-to-have choice, but for basic survival of humanity”

The land: first get to become a (co-)pilot; Buy it, get concession or emphyteutic lease. The first job may be cleaning up and regenerating forest, gardens, rivers, fauna. Key is, of course, water supply. Check if historically the land can be continuously supplied. If not, organize buffers. The location… still, is master. Try not to be too far away from high speed train or airport, and a good hospital. You never know. It will facilitate visitors to come and join.

The biotope: What grows. What could or should grow. What would you need more, to get some more biodiversity and resilience, to get some revenue. Create your specific “botanical sanctuary”. Your treasure is your seeds. Join our “Global Seed Project” !

Food autonomy: What can we grow more, to create food autonomy. Which are the other local players for food. What livestock breeding. Again… your water is your gold

Shelter: Building materials. Smart multifunctional renovation of what is there. Low tech frugal, but very fun, reliable and simple to operate. Energy autonomy, smart grids, accumulation. Wind. Hydro. Sun (thermic or photovoltaic). Methanisation.

Mobility: Local transportation. Mutualisation of existing capacity

Build a Healthy, “Blue zone” community.

Mutual education: get the best of education and training, online and in action.

Local symbiotic jobs : low tech, low cost, non delocalizable. Nomad working. Smart tech,…

Waste treatment, local, resource management.

Multiple currency, multiple economies (like in nature): there are a lot of alternative ways to create parallel economies, without being outlawed:

  1. National currency
  2. Local currency
  3. Crypto and dedicated currencies
  4. Barter
  5. Mutualisation of functionalities: co-everything

Art, culture: joyfully writing the story of a new civilization.

Governing, managing, leadership, measuring results and performance. Enlighted and inspiring leadership is key. Use diversity, stakeholders conndections and collective intelligence widely.

People with land can join the Regeneration Island network, and use from-the-shelf competences and knowledge, templates. The iteration and upscaling will be hyper-fast. In some countries the projects will start and evolve very fast. In others, like in Europe, slower. But anyway, collective learning will vastly accelerate the improvement and multiplication of best practices. All of the owners will be in vited to invest in Kairos Multisolution tokens, and use the platform.

A captive, dedicated market

→ The Regeneration islands owners’ buy the Kairos cryptocurrency — instead of recieving billing coaching services.

→ The Extrapreneurs recieve a walletr upon finishing 2 months training the program — instead of having to pay for the training.

Both can work on the sharing platform to buy and sell products, services, from each other (in double currency, so to stay within local laws).

The whole thing multiplies X4 every semester.

We will make that system, those “worlds” more attractive, performant, healthy, fun, fast, less risky. And little by little, a new paradigm of economy and society can be born and grow.

That will boost the new economic ecosystem, worldwide. In the margin first, in dedicated pockets. And in whole regions lateron.

Prof Michel A. de Kemmeter, founder





Michel A. de Kemmeter - Kairos -Extrapreneurs CofB

Expert in economic transition, keynote speaker, author, consultant and investor. Professor. Inventor of “Systemic Economy” and "Kairos Multisolutions" crypto.