Hurdles to Regeneration


We have — in our fieldwork of systemic regeneration, discovered some “Major hurdles to regenerative transition“ — and are working on solutions for it.

1. No fast & reliable road-books for regeneration for territories or companies, yet.

7 years after UN SDG, 3 years after Green Deal, 30 years after Kyoto, 50 years after Limits to Growth Club of Rome, the situation is alarming everywhere. Global confusion goes with global climate change and economic disruption. People lose their grounding by the day, mental health, and trust in “traditional” structures and politics. On the governance and governments side, we can see no bright light in terms of well-built, smart financed, territorial transition roadmaps.

Just a few scattered small under-the-radar initiatives carried by pioneers with lots of heart and courage. Often they are cynically mocked or in the best case, jaloused. There is a chance for strongly founded and studied territorial and transition road-books. We did the job of bringing together the best-in-class, and are testing them as we speak.

2. Best practices are scattered under the radar

Intelligence is there, courage, drive, regenerative multisolutions, but the people carrying those are driven by purpose and heart, and truly humble, and deeply contributive and positive, but they have no insta followers, and are not sexy for media attention.

We have discovered hundreds of them — and as we line them up, we start to see emerging clusters of new systems and intelligence, for the New Earth.

3. People are still considered as a resource

People are hassle, and expensive. Ok, well, but without people, engaged positively, nothing interesting will happen on this planet … Robots or computers will not bring purpose, take smart innovative initiatives, and create the next generation “Resilience Islands” and jobs.

Those who want to progress, will have to consider people as integral part of creation, on the way to a new, more conscious civilisation (watching the old one collapse — started and happening as we speak). For those who do not seriously respect and consider people, soon they will have nowhere to hide, and motivate nobody any more for their business. We have to stop bullshitting people, and especially the youth we are stealing their future.

4. Fiat currencies like Euro and Dollar are unadapted to regeneration

They are debt-based, with a strong focus on extraction, speculation, and accumulation. Ethics and regeneration are not on the agenda, at all. That’s why regenerative and humanist businesses have so many problems to emerge.

This is the chance for a new one… we are getting prepared with the Kairos.

Michel A. de Kemmeter

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Michel A. de Kemmeter - Kairos -Extrapreneurs CofB

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