Get ready !

  1. Demography: since beginning 2021, and for the first time in history, there are more people leaving the job market than youth entering. It is going to be continuous till around 2050. We are getting old in the West, including China. It is the contrary in most emerging countries. We will not innovate, and create new progressive disruptive businesses with retired people, because they created the problem and are holding onto their privileges.
  2. Mental health disorders: over 50% of western population is psychologically and mentally “in the red”. Hyper-stress, burnout or high risk, depression, high disengagement, mental disorders. Wtf are we going to “re-launch post-covid” ? With whom ? Everybody is afraid to lose what they have, and thus reluctant to any “risky” moves. I think it is more risky not do move, to stay in status quo, than to try something new (see below).
  3. Technological complexity, risks and lack of resilience: layer above layer, technology above technology, more an more complexity = more and more risks of failure and hacking of all kind. It is very difficult to attract and keep IT and technical talents to finalize, install, maintain and securize those tech. They become more unreliable by the month. And… imagine energy blackouts. Even cars will not move any more.
  4. Energy costs and disruptions: gas and electricity bills exploding — adding a layer of burden on industry and families destroying their buying power. Again, imagine blackouts => it will stop all activities + create huge problems whilst restarting servers.
  5. Exponential waste production and soil/air/water pollution in developing countries: they are expected to double by horizon 2030. Did you travel to the south and asia recently ? Imagine oceans, soil, air and river pollution. We will end up eating PVC for breakfast, lunch and dinner, worldwide. And… nobody cares. Its not good business to clean up. In the West it is not better… we still burn resources — imagine how stupid this is.
  6. Biodiversity collapse on land and in seas/oceans: in some areas up to minus 80%. No comment necessary. The next specie to extinguish, at that rythm, is humanity.
  7. Rizing poverty and social disruptions creating brand-new organized crime, rebellion and social unrest: people are getting aware of the behaviour of our “leadership” → Global plundering and management by fear. OK, its not completely black & white, but the balance is heavily single-sided. Masses will occupy streets, and some of them will go and capture some of those “leaders” in their own homes.
  8. Massive migrations due to climate occurences and social unrest: the syrian migrations were just an appetizer. Be ready to deal with muuuuch more people of many colours of the rainbow. Learn languages.
  9. Hyper debt: sovereign debts have more than doubled since the 2008 crisis. This exponential game cannot go on for ever. Most of those states will have to cope with financing the gargantuesk cost of covid, of heavy infrastructure renovation, of large scale empoverishment, combined with less tax incomes. Biblical sized sovereign bankrupcies and financial crashes are coming up in domino-effects.
  10. Food chain disruptions: any climate disruption or social unrest wil cut-off food chain supply chains. We will not avoid hunger riots.
  11. Disruption of social security systems, healthcare and retirement/ pension funds in the west following bankrupcies of sovereign states. Less people contributing for more ill and retired people… the calculations just do not line up any more.
  12. War for talent: all business areas, all kind of jobs are in lack of talent. The youth does not want to be squeezed out any more. And the older ones cannot follow the pace of change, and adapt to deep paradigm shifts and mutations.
  13. Incapacity of dealing with hypercomplex issues of politics and leadership: finally, the most startling incompetence of all times is that of our leadership. I have never heard so much BS in my whole life in the last few months from politics in the news, and heard so many horror stories of what is going on in companies.
  14. For the road, lets add — at random timing and geographies — climate occurences devastating whole areas, everywhere: draught, tornado’s, floods, …
  15. In the mean time, the richest 1% doubled their fortunes. In silence. Getting their bunkers and rockets ready. Hilarious. What are they gonna do there alone after destroying planet, humanity and economy itself ?
  • Stop believing the BS told in the media, stop being disturbed by the noise around and collective anxiety, take a pause;
  • Self-study: awareness, paradigm shifts, conscious & healthy living;
  • Reconnect to yourself, to nature, to the rest of the living world.
  • With people who DO care;
  • Willing to do the job (absolutely run away from people who, full of ego, want a free lunch);
  • Humble, curious, and searching for new and unique excellences;
  • Detect the wonderful people who are “stuck in the system”, and really willing and hungry for change. They will become your allies giving access to whole business areas necessary to shift, and resources to activate. They will be very grateful.
  • For every functionality of society to be re-invented, focus on shifting paradigms of your favourite one (ex. food, housing, education, health, mobility, ethic management, energy,…);
  • Learn transversally, collaborate with people and organisations as diverse as possible, act locally, but globally inspired from the best. Solutions exist everywhere, on the field, under the radar;
  • Test your new ideas, fast feedback, and improve them as you progress;
  • Build “Resilience Islands”: companies, villages, communities,… based on new regenerative values, inspire from others, and become a model for the next ones



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Michel A. de Kemmeter

Michel A. de Kemmeter

Expert in economic transition, keynote speaker, author, consultant and investor. Professor @VUB Vesalius College. Inventor of the “Systemic Economy” model.