Ethics in Transition

  1. Walk the talk: talking yes, explaining how it “should” work yes. But, be an example is better.
  2. Connected to needs of the one in front of you: more than meeting your own needs of doing business and survive these changes, be connected, in an authentic way, to the needs of surrounding.
  3. From ego to inner values : our western world is full of-, and galvanized by ego. Exterior references. One of the major paradigm shifts to go through is to go behind the scenes, to the inner world, intangible, subtle, values-based. It thus reconnects with essential values in our whole ecosystem.
  4. Collective intelligence and hyper-diversity : do not think for a second you are going to succeed this transition alone. Cluster with inner- and forward-looking communities and peers. And then, non-judgementally, work in hyper-diversese collective intelligence. The more differences, the richer. Working with think-alikes will remain sterile.
  5. Multi-stakeholders : work openly in “multiple helix”. Whenever possible, connect with public services, NGO’s, media, schools and universities, academics, small, medium, or even larger companies, local politics.
  6. Connected to heart and hands : more than to the mind, feeling, doing, more than just talking and invoicing.
  7. Personal posture : continuous personal questioning, development, individual and collective therapy, mentoring, recovering sovereignty, conscious and humble progressing.
  8. Spiritual dimensions : consciously reconnecting, little by little, with Mother Earth, and genuinely with the project of humanity — at large — on this planet.



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Michel A. de Kemmeter

Michel A. de Kemmeter

Expert in economic transition, keynote speaker, author, consultant and investor. Professor @VUB Vesalius College. Inventor of the “Systemic Economy” model.