Chat GPT proposes population decrease to save the planet — The Meadows predicted it — The mice did it…


Club of Rome, Meadows, Limits to Growth, 1972

If you ask ChatGPT today: “What would be a radical solution to climate change and destruction of nature” — it answers “lower the population”. (I just asked, and after 3x regenerate response, timidly it did answer that).

When you will ask the same question in a decade, it will maybe just do so, act alone, on its own, considering we became too stupid to run the planet :

No pragmatic discernment, no common sense, in total collective burnout and depression, unable to react and learn fast, holding on to old and unperformant systems, unable to discern ethical behaviour from stealing and dishonesty, collectively hypnotized, totally dependant of a sick system, …

Maybe that is the reason scientists just pulled the alarm bell on AI.

But ok, with or without AI, it will drastically lower anyway, all serious studies do confirm it. It started already (check Japan). And that will solve the whole equation. No worries for the planet.

Japan population, Pic credits FT

And now, the mice…

Dr. John Calhoun did an amazing experience with mice, and reproduced it afterwards with rats with similar results : the “Universe 25” experiment, in the early 70ties. It is an experiment with mice, and reproduced later on with rats with surprizing results.

He created an ideal utopian world, with enough food, no illnesses, no predation, in a nice space. He started the colony with chosen healthy individuals.

After multiplication and a thriving population, new generations were inhibited, and with crowding behavior discouraged mating, contributing to dropping birthrates. A prominent social ladder quickly took shape within male population. The most dominant mice were characterized by their extremely aggressive behavior: so-called “alpha mice” would often engage in wildly violent bloodbaths, proceeding to attack, rape, and even practice cannibalism of their peers. These violent outbursts had no clear provocation or motive. Does it ring a bell ?

Least socially adept mice were completely excluded from mating. They spent their time moving between larger groups of mice, eating and sleeping alone. Occasionally, these mice would also fight one another. Any mice that fell between these groups were timid and often became victims of violence perpetrated by their more hostile counterparts.

Females took on aggressive attitudes of their own. Taking care of their nests in the midst of such a chaotic domain was no easy task, so many mothers would sometimes act violently towards their own litters. Others would completely withdraw from their motherly responsibilities, ignoring their litters and quitting mating practices entirely.

The “death phase” marked the beginning of the end. The spike in mortality rate fluctuated at around 100%, halting population increase altogether. The surviving mice had no perception of the “normal” lives that mice led beyond the walls. An absence of social stimulus and maternal care leads to a high rate of physical and emotional retardation and mortality. Isolation paved the way for a new category of mice called the “beautiful ones”. These were segregated from the other, bloodthirsty mice and the violent. Being separated from the rest of the mice, the “beautiful ones” made no contributions to society: no help in mating, mothering, marking territory, etc. Instead, they spent all their time feeding, drinking, grooming, and sleeping. No sex, no fight, no added value. They look very good, but are unable to cope with unusual stimuli. They look inquisitive, but they are in fact, very stupid. Well, in case, THAT should ring a bell ! I have several names and adresses, and Instagram accounts…

Eventually, the “beautiful ones” outnumbered the more aggressive. Still, rather than mating or creating new roles in society, they continued to exist solely for their physiological satisfaction. With everything provided for them in the enclosure, the paradox of the “beautiful ones” reveals the self-destructive patterns that emerge when living a life without purpose. Because of the collective indifference towards mating or building a sustainable society, the mouse population began to die out until there were no mice left at all.

Problem solved folks. Sleep tight.

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