Banks, politics, pharma, AI, Metaverse, HiTech, … why this multiple collapse of reputation ?

Value today is often based on “intangible elements”. Knowledge, communication, purpose, emotionals, reputation. We are in the middle of massive collective consciousness and awareness awakening. People do not believe any more, blindly, what corporations and politics want to sell to them. There is an emergence of a new kind of pragmatism: “Does it create real value, yes or no ?” — “Does this have value for the money ?” — “Is this risky or visionary, dangerous for us, or an opportunity”,…

  1. Mental health diseases, too much stress : Lots of people are now in hyper-stress, anxiety, burnout, depression, loss of purpose and vision for the future, or even bankrupt or broke. Products and services that are not part of the solution will be harder to sell to those, with high risk of bad use and stories offering bad reputation (suicides after use of those).
  2. Bullsh*t out : Let’s say, there is — post-covid and post war crisis, a kind of “bullshit-out” tendancy.
  3. Opportunists are exposed : short term bandits, looters, thieves and scams, are easier detectable. Investors or entrepreneurs who are only interested making money, without caring for purpose or multiple social and environmetal added value are exposed and kept on safe distance, because considered as dangerous on all fronts.
  4. Hollow leverage isn’t credible any more : banks were trusted for centuries. After 2008 their reputation was harmed. Hyper-leverage of financial engineered speculative products make them even more exposed and dangerous, and consumers do not understand any more how their money is being worked with. Global debt has more than doubled since 2008, and it will go on exponentially. Seriously, who does still believe in Santaclaus ? That it can go on for ever ? Get real. It will not. Trust is lowering by the day.
  5. Common sense and “human intelligence” is in : smarter, more coherent and valuable, cheaper, better, lower and safer tech. There is well… kind of room for improvement before investing heavily in artificial, expensive things.
  6. HiTech is only possible with Unlimited growth and unlimited resources : we do not have those. End of story. We will have to become smarter with less tech, more reliable, more resilient, more safe.
  7. Trust in politics is lost : even in the best paid environments, it is now know that those are continuously corrupted, sold out to corporations. Worse: they don’t even start to understand what is happening to the world, let alone offer a first, payable, credible, smart integrated solution.
  8. Physical health is worsening : adding bad news to massive chronicle diseases (>35% of the population), mental diseases (>52% of the western population), life expectancy started to lower in some western countries, even after the massive vaccination, that provoked lots of irreversible health hazards (in all our families and friends we have stories). The promise was not fulfilled, and people know that by now. We are inside a massive planetary illness business that makes us more ill than healthy (if we have to believe the data). We maybe will start to regret we burned all the witches who knew how plants could heal in natural ways. Our physical energy is bad and not high enough, not worked out enough, not ready for huge shocks and change. We will not be able to surf on these huge waves of change…

Innovation in all areas is fun and valuable till a certain point… Now the short term run for fast cash is everywhere, and it is not credible any more in the eyes of the public. People are fed up of being ripped off and lied to.

Bulls*t is slowly-slowly out, ethics and coherence are slowly-slowly in, along with common sense, purposeful initiatives, like Kairos Multisolutions and its worldwide “Regeneration Islands” on which we started to build tomorrow’s world, with deep values, and with people who do not believe any more in the sinking ship story, and did their “leap of faith”.

The “families” who run the world, who own banks, media, academics, science, know very well their story is over. And… they do not have a Plan B. Their plan to control the world with tech is lost by now. Look around. Soon we will see more and more of it… the Titanic ship is sinking.

Time to wake up, and stop behaving like scavengers, spoilers, bandits, pickpockets — even by proxy. Do not hide behind your credit card — yes, it has a superpower: orient your money to positive or negative impacts on people and environment. Time to grow mature as a global village of a “reconnected” humanity.

Prof. Michel A. de Kemmeter

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“Regeneration Islands” definition :

A Regeneration Island is a place where humanity can finally “settle”. Reconnect to self, to mother earth, to communities and stakeholders’ system and biotope ecosystem. Millenia ago, as nomads, we faked settlement in villages and cities, but were still behaving like nomad barbarians, pirates : steal, take without giving back, destroy people and ecosystems, extract value and resources uniquely for oneself, directly and by proxy. We went 1000 times around the world and realized we cannot steal and destroy much more without putting global survival of life at risk. Now it is time for humanity to settle in the most noble way : with respect, love and gratitude, nurturing life instead of spreading death. It is possible, fun, healthy, emopowering, performant.

A group of people mobilized and organized to co-construct and improve a physical or intangible territory towards resilience and regeneration, capable of resilience in an agile way far from social, societal, energy and food shocks, creating new, more efficient and regenerative actions for humans, the environment and economies.

Communities, towns or villages, companies or organizations, who have decided to operate differently, with more coherence, pragmatism, awareness and desire to contribute to the world by reinventing themselves with regenerative multi-solutions, with new business models and their new « healthy » jobs.

They are “pieces of paradise” in which it is good to live, to thrive, progress, where everyone can bring the best of their talents.

They are samples of the “New Earth”, live sandboxes for experimenting with a new world, in open air and full size.



Michel A. de Kemmeter - Kairos -Extrapreneurs CofB

Expert in economic transition, keynote speaker, author, consultant and investor. Professor. Inventor of “Systemic Economy” and "Kairos Multisolutions" crypto.