A yearly summit to share performant, financially performant solutions, who cares ?

There are people, all over the globe, who are working every day since decades, with regenerative results : give hope and future to people, re-create new biotopes where industry has destroyed them, creating paying jobs which offer a fulfilling, purposeful and performant future for people.

But why are they so “invisible” ? Why do governments freak us out with historical challenges, there where hundreds of templates exist, and work, for real ?

  1. Good news is no news: media are NOT interested in good news, it does not generate enough money-making clicks.
  2. Interests of lobbying industry: NO surprize, industry is financing research, politics, federations, NGO’s, opinion leaders, … follow the MONEY. They have absolutely no interest whatsoever in emerging solutions, especially if they are low cost.
  3. Tough galvanized mass-paradigms : belief patterns give changemakers a hard time. Centralisation vs decentralisation. Scale vs. synergy. Competition vs. collaboration. Money accumulation vs. progress. Speciality vs. holism. Extraction vs. regeneration. Linear vs. systemic. It takje a lot to switch all the fuses back to “ON”.
  4. Intellectual lazyness : solutions EXIST, but we don’t take the time and effort to scan, research, explore, open up, test, validate, ask, inform ourselves,… we are trained to be fed with a spoon (by whom ? answer the question pkleqs eyou will be shocked), in a fast SWIPE-mode. Way not enough in-depth diving for (real) truth.
  5. Humble heart-centered people do not spend money or time in marketing : they have a JOB to do, and don’t care about their ego’s.
  6. “They” don’t believe it is possible : and… when you tell the stories, NOBODY believes it is possible at all. It is like the medical doctors who started to realize that they should wash their hands between the morgue and the delivery room — and that this simpkle ritual was saving >50% of the new-born. They would not accept they could be responsible for such a massacre, and held on old beliefs...

The 11th Systemic Economy Summit, in Brussels, will share stories about great people who work every day in humble ways on concrete projects, to prepare “a tomorrow”.

That “tomorrow” will be shared with you too, if you come…

Prof. Michel A. de Kemmeter




Michel A. de Kemmeter - Kairos -Extrapreneurs CofB

Expert in economic transition, keynote speaker, author, consultant and investor. Professor. Inventor of “Systemic Economy” and "Kairos Multisolutions" crypto.