A “New Earth” is emerging


We are finishing a “round” with our humanity. A cycle. And starting a new one. But it doesn happen overnight, all at the same time. A global shift is happening in front of our eyes. We can see it more and more clearly. 2 worlds, 2 separate universes, 2 groups of people. 99% — 1%.

The first one, is holding on the “the OLD”.

The majority of people are still in that one. Over 99%. In fear — even if half of that population truly “wants something else”.

The new one, preparing “the New Earth”

A second earth is emerging. A new one. In parallel with the old one.

Humanity has never been so polarized inside the “old”: screaming and paddling in rising mud. The others are watching from the first floor, inviting those who are ready for the next chapter of an “updated humanity”.

Today, any citizen can witness the global failure of politics to deal with historical hypercomplex challenges, to the naked eye,

The greenwashing campaigns on an industrial size of corporations, to save appearances;

The checkmate of scientifics and of world’s leading think tanks who recognize a state of failure, but without offering holistic solutions;

False promises of new guru’s, integrists and populists, mass-manipulating population by pulling on our fears;

And finally, the suicidal despair and mental disorder of a population in a full-blown anxiety.

The results of Kyoto, Club of Rome, CSR, SDG’s, Paris agreements, Green Deal,… end up in unfeasible promises or bad results. We will transition or relaunch nothing worthwhile like that. Anyway, even if we really wanted, with which money or with whom would we do this ?

Why this dead-end ?

The answer is very simple:

We didn’t shift our worldview and solutions toolbox. We hold on to old paradigms, societal cultures and conditionings. We stick to appearances, and do not understand the full scope and ingredients of the new paradigms.

And above all, people are totally lost and unable to discern in the deafening noise of a neurotic society trying desperately to survive in “old” ideologies, and pull the last dimes out of an exhausted bankrupt economy.

We are totally blinded because hypnotized by our collective conditionings, fears and anxiety, and imprisoned by our old belief patterns.


At the same time, a “New Earth” is being born, in silence. A very small fraction (under 1%) of the population is working, under the radar, in building bridges between the old and the new. They are going back and forth between a 2D world of appearances, and a 3D world of an updated conscious humanity. They are little by little experiencing, learning, building “Resilience Islands”, where people are living happily, in abundance, in autonomy, fulfilling their missions.


like James CAMERON in AVATAR,


like the HERO’s JOURNEY of Joseph CAMPBELL

like NEW EARTH of Eckhard TOLLE,

like the ALCHEMIST of Paolo COELHO,


All the prophecies are finally getting lined up. Its asks from us to pass through stargates, mirrors, and dive into rabbit holes. Thrilling… It is happening now, and it is for real, within hand reach for the first time.

It is for you too. This is your manual to a parallel, “New Earth”. You know it is there, but you don’t have all the keys and tools. You can have it for your project, for your family, for your city. It works on all levels and sizes.

In the last 20 years, we have developed, tested, experienced and packaged this toolbox to enable any person, any project, any company, any public service, any science area, any city or any territory, to shift to this new parallel earth. We succeeded in connecting the major dots of the new paradigms. It is coming out, and happening, now. And maybe it is for you too…

Club of Brussels has the pleasure to present you:

  1. With a worldwide 50+ Mastermind network of great scientists
  2. A modelized new paradigm, for society and economy: Systemic Economy
  3. Developed and validated a simple, fast and strong methodology in 10 building blocks — each of them being a major paradigm shift, in 6 to 9 weeks
  4. With “12 Stargates” to an updated humanity, for you to thrive as a person
  5. A simple downloadable toolbox and video tutorials
  6. Widely published with academic founding
  7. Applicable on any project, business, scientific area or territory
  8. Dozens of concrete results and inspiring cases on 4 continents

Finally, all this is offering a perspective of a feasible global, bottom-up and participative, transition plan.

Join us in one of our programs:

Executive Training : https://clubofbrussels.org/executive-training/

Extrapreneurs : www.extrapreneurs.org

Prof. Michel de Kemmeter

Club of Brussels

— — —

A few examples of “Resilience Islands” :

  • “La Ferme du Bec Helloin” with its hundreds of permaculture communities
  • Songai: www.songai.com and dozens of franchized communities
  • Numerous ecovillages and communities experimenting autonomy and empowerment : Jangada (www.jangada.be), Auroville in India, …
  • UIP in Durban, www.uipco.org

Send us your examples !



Michel A. de Kemmeter - Kairos -Extrapreneurs CofB

Expert in economic transition, keynote speaker, author, consultant and investor. Professor. Inventor of “Systemic Economy” and "Kairos Multisolutions" crypto.