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Mapping of solutions for renewable systemic growth — by Hugo Araujo


Covid-19 has been the catalyst and the accelerator of making visible the incoherence, inefficiency, and unsustainable socio-economic “system”. It has been left naked in front of our eyes. In the coming years, national governments will inject more money than ever in our economies to relaunch a Post-Covid economy. Now is the right time to innovate in the plans to best leverage that investment for long-term, sustainable recovery.

Quantitative easing (printing money and injecting it into the system) has proven to be of too low leverage. Deploying purely political agendas are limited too. Every euro…

“There will be no transition. The dice are loaded.”
(dixit an important Belgian leader, in 2019, whom I will not name).

Especially in Belgium, the events of the last 2 years prove it to us — facts to back it up. Even with the best will, the “system”, galvanized by collective conditioning, is totally vulnerable to the hypercomplex issues of the near future. And… the fall will be much faster than the rise of the last 200 years. It is done, Wallonia is ranked at the same level as many so-called “underdeveloped” countries. Go and visit some of their villages…

“Il n’y aura pas de transition. Les dés sont pipés.”

(dixit un très grand patron belge, en 2019, que je ne nommerai pas).

En particulier en Belgique, les événements des 2 dernières années nous le prouvent — faits à l’appui. Même avec la meilleure volonté, le “système”, galvanisé par conditionnements collectifs, est totalement vulnérable face aux enjeux hypercomplexes de l’avenir proche. Et… la chute sera nettement plus rapide que l’ascension des 200 dernières années. C’est fait, la Wallonie est rangée au même niveau (voir plus bas) que de nombreux pays dits “sous-développés”. …

  1. Law of consciousness

We are in a society of information, of knowledge,

As a result, the unknown is frightening. The power is in the knowledge, while we enter an era where there is no more certainty…

But then, what is the “supreme” knowledge?

the one that we get by looking through the mirror, behind the scenes, from above,

the awareness, the wisdom, the deep understanding of who we are, of the stakes, of what gives access to the real solutions…

What is the access key?

A choice to take a door, that of the unconditional choice of oneself. There will…

Nous terminons un “cycle” avec notre humanité, une boucle. Et nous en commençons un nouveau. Mais cela ne se passe pas du jour au lendemain, tous en même temps. Un changement global est en train de se produire sous nos yeux. Nous pouvons le voir de plus en plus clairement. 2 mondes, 2 univers séparés, 2 groupes de personnes: 99% — 1%.

Le premier s’accroche à “l’ancien”.

La majorité des gens sont encore dans celui-là. Plus de 99%. Dans la peur et la dépendance. Même si pratiquement la moitié de ces 99% “ont envie d’autre chose”.

Le nouveau, prépare “la…

We are finishing a “round” with our humanity. A cycle. And starting a new one. But it doesn happen overnight, all at the same time. A global shift is happening in front of our eyes. We can see it more and more clearly. 2 worlds, 2 separate universes, 2 groups of people. 99% — 1%.

The first one, is holding on the “the OLD”.

The majority of people are still in that one. Over 99%. In fear — even if half of that population truly “wants something else”.

The new one, preparing “the New Earth”

A second earth is emerging…

A new earth is being born

What has been done since the first marches for climate ? Not much. CO2 exhaust has risen. We lost 5 years.
What has been done since the anti-burnout laws in companies :+50%.
What new model has been proposed since Kyoto ? Circular, social economy ? How many sustainable jobs since then ? Not much.
Where are (credible) budgets and retro-plannings for the 2030 EU goals and SDG’s of the UN ? Didn’t find them. Or, totally utopia.
Who is in charge ? Politics, scientists, economic leaders. Who pays them: us. Did they deliver ? Nope. Just a few vague promises without a budget or…

Here is our step-by-step approach to re-invention of our organisations (with the tools in footnote — they can be downloaded on our website: :


A respectful and pragmatic assessment, without complacency, of the (family, business and societal) heritage, at several levels (knowledge, networks, emotions, functioning, assets, roots,…). We are never “lost”, we come from somewhere, with multiple legacies.

Answer these questions, alone, in family context, and in team, or in territorial collectives or local teams in your city or territory : Which are my personal excellences, skills, passions, capabilities, experiences ? (like in…

Our choice for dealing with the future: surf on the waves of challenge, or hide and wait and drown…

We are entering a historical era. Major historical never-seen challenges are converging as we speak. Tsunamis. They can be feared — or they can be considered as colossal opportunities. Waves to surf on. Obligations to open up to our true inner resilience, our unique excellences, our better self. The “system” as we have known it is cracking. And at every collapse or crisis, new intelligence emerges, but also new coherence — fresh alignment with natural principles of sharing resources and needs in an ecosystem — for the sake of survival of all its members. It’s not for everyone. …

Il n’y a aucune charte, aucune loi, aucune « bonne gouvernance » qui puisse éviter des tensions lorsque une entreprise familiale est transmise à la prochaine génération.

Il n’y pas de « potion magique » qui résout tous les problèmes, les frustrations et les jalousies. Et en particulier quand l’entreprise et son secteur est en pleine mutation — alors qu’elle a été le moteur de 5 générations. Alain Liebaert — ayant géré l’entreprise familiale pendant 30 ans, se trouve face à tous ces enjeux. …

Michel A. de Kemmeter

Expert in economic transition, keynote speaker, author, consultant and investor. Professor @VUB Vesalius College. Inventor of “Systemic Economy”.

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