12 reasons why it is too late for a “restart” in the West capitalist world— and Eldorado is in the South

  1. We are too old: soon we will be more elderly than working population, till after 2050;
  2. Energy transition is not guaranteed, at all, and energy blackouts are to be expected;
  3. Our job markets are exhausted: in every business area there is an exponential war for talent;
  4. Our people are exhausted, in collective psychosis, and upset about incompetence of leadership and of the future;
  5. People are getting poor faster and faster (energy costs,…);
  6. The dreams of Big Corp of total population control are collapsing by the week;
  7. Our sovereign states cannot finance repetitive climate and natural disasters — they are already virtually bankrupt, and tax incomes are going to lower each year;
  8. Education is near to the essential questions of agility, systemic management of complexity, human development, disruptive innovation;
  9. Political failure is visible with naked eye, the hour of judgement (elections) is close;
  10. The system is rusted, and is blocking innovations that are outward bound;
  11. Nobody cares about transition any more — the bill is going to be a multiple every year we waste;
  12. Systemic risks are gargantuesk.
  1. They are young (80% under 30);
  2. They are used to being poor;
  3. Jobs are everywhere;
  4. People are happy and nice;
  5. People are poor already, and can only become wealthier by collaboration ;
  6. They are used to disasters;
  7. They are used to collaborate for survival, with their whole ecosystem;
  8. They can start from scratch — and innovate disruptively;
  9. A new generation of politics is emerging, of young, smart, conscious world citizens;
  10. Systemic risk ? What are you talking about ?
  11. There is no system to fight against;
  12. They are aware they have everything to win from transition.



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Michel A. de Kemmeter

Michel A. de Kemmeter

Expert in economic transition, keynote speaker, author, consultant and investor. Professor @VUB Vesalius College. Inventor of the “Systemic Economy” model.